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Retro 70s disco fashion editorial with denim flares
Fashion model behind the scenes portrait by photographer Geoff Nichols at London Fashion Week
Futuristic collection featuring orange face masks at London Fashion Week
Model twins Leah and Chloe Barnes pose in anti war & weapons dresses during London Fashion Week
Model Sarah Elizabeth Lovegrove poses for Whyte Studio at London Fashion Week
Female model in yellow satin shirt flicks her long brown hair
Male model behind the scenes at Fashion Scout London
Commercial fashion photoshoot for with primrose yellow long sleeved top and matching shorts
Model Rosie Marsh in green plunge neckline dress as part of a commercial fashion photoshoot
Male Asian model walks the runway at London Fashion Week wearing a green trench coat and brown trous
Female model poses in Green Parka coat and red vest top in the street during London Fashion Week
Fashion model Betty Bachz poses outside at London Fashion Week wearing a very colourful coat
Model Lucy Schmolling models an upcycled denim coat for Manon Planche
Model Mazie Horne in 70s psychedelic skirt and purple platform shoes
Pam Hogg collection Poodle Parlour shot at London Fashion Week
A model walks the runway during London Fashion Week wearing a black wool jumper
Fashion boho style editorial in London
Model in silver dress at London Fashion Week
Male fashion model relaxes with his phone backstage at London Fashion Week
Model poses in Spanish inspired fashion look

Fashion Photography with Geoff Nichols

Geoff is an innovative, creative and artistic fashion photographer in London

Geoff's experience as a fashion photographer shows through in everything he does. His attention to detail as well as a passion for the perfect image has seen him published multiple times internationally as well as working with a variety of designers and brands across the UK.

Among the creative fashion photographers in London, Geoff has built up numerous contacts and can draw on a wealth of other artists when planning projects for both editorial fashion photography and commercial fashion photography. Geoff also creates stunning looks through his beauty photography, ensuring that each look is as amazing as the next.

Through over 20 years experience as a photographer, Geoff has learned the importance of using the correct lighting setup within every fashion photography project he is involved in. Prior to every shoot, he not only plans each look in terms of an aesthetic but also the lighting for it as well. This ensures that the shoot runs seamlessly from one look to the next.

Experience and knowledge has provided Geoff with the ability to problem solve quickly with minimum fuss on set. His calmness and friendly nature is frequently commented upon by his fashion photography clients as well as the other creatives he works with. His shoots are very often described as great fun, despite being work.

Being a London fashion photographer, Geoff realises the importance of assembling a good team. He is quite pragmatic in his opinion - “Fashion photography is all about teamwork. Every person on set has an equal part to play in the production and execution of the shoot. I may be the photographer but I am no more important than the models, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, lighting assistants and many others who work tirelessly on set to ensure success. Without any one of these, the shoot won't be as good as it could possibly be.”

Geoff always aims to tell a story through his photography, where the creative process allows. His creative and artistic visions come alive in his work generating a great deal of interest in London and further afield. He has been published many times across the United States and Europe.

As a freelance fashion photographer in London, Geoff is always looking to be involved in exciting opportunities with new and returning clients alike. If you have a project and require an experienced fashion photographer, get in touch via the contact page.

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