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Beauty makeup editorial photograph for fashion magazine
Portrait from a beauty shoot with model Jazzelle Zanaughtti
Black haired model in gold and green editorial makeup
Windswept blonde haired female model with simple makeup and pink accents
Beuaty editrial for Elegant fashion magazine
Beauty editorial with model wearing trilby hat
Beauty editorial for Malvie Magazine
The Face of Mariana Geoff Nichols Photography
Simple and clean beauty against a dark background
1940s Film Noir beauty editorial
Kumbear Beauty Geoff NIchols Photography
Clean and simple beauty editorial for fashion magazine
English Rose Beauty Geoff Nichols Photography
Beauty Editorial Nikita Andrianova by Geoff Nichols Photography
Vanessa David Portrait by Geoff Nichols Photography

Beauty Photograpy in London


As a beauty photographer in London, Geoff draws on his many years of experience as a fashion photographer as well as a portrait photographer. His eye for detail in makeup, drawing out both colour and texture as well as making use of his artistic lighting techniques contributes to finished product imagery which is both impeccable and exquisite in appearance.

Geoff is a firm believer in working with clients to deliver results which consistently exceed their expectations. He understands the importance that beauty photography is more than taking a stunning image. For commercial brands, the imagery needs to reflect their creative vision, their brand identity as well as resonate with their target audience.

“With any client, their visuals are possibly the single most important aspect in identifying who they are. If I can gain an understanding of their origins and how they want to be seen in the future, it always assists me in my commercial work. Being a beauty photographer is not just about producing great visual content. I need to be able to not only illustrate the product in the best way possible, but also encapsulate the brand's identity within a single image.”

Geoff's editorial beauty photography has been published across the US as well as Europe. It is in his editorial photography where he can utilise his creative talents to the maximum. Innovating with light and shadow and drawing on his fashion photography experience his visuals demonstrate a beauty photographer who is not only artistic but inventive as well.


Being a London beauty photographer Geoff is continually looking to work with clients on new and exciting projects. If you have an upcoming project and would like to work with an experienced and creative photographer, the Geoff can be reached through the contact page.

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