A Bit About Me

I think I've always had a camera with me from the age of about ten years old but it was my best friend's dad at the time that really got me hooked.

After joining the Royal Military Police (the police service of the British Army), it wasn't long before I was sent away on quite a few photography courses to hone my skills. Whilst serving overseas, I had the pleasure of photographing and producing a portfolio of work, of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

It was during my time in the army that I was doing weddings as well as portraiture but no matter how much I liked shooting weddings, I always felt there was something missing - like I wanted something more.  Then one day, whilst I was in London, I found the missing piece. I was walking past one of the venues for London Fashion Week when some of the models came outside with the designers collection.  That was it - I was hooked !

Fashion photography for me is not just about capturing images, it's far more than that.  It's about telling a story and capturing someone's personality, whether that's a fashion model or celebrity but it also includes the personality of the designer, the makeup artist, the hair stylist and the fashion stylist. With every image I take, I try to tell their story collectively, after all fashion photography is all about teamwork. We all depend on each other to make it happen.

Since my journey began, I have worked with a number of designers, brands and agencies and been published internationally. I shoot runway and backstage and shoot every season at Fashion Week as well as Graduate Fashion Week in London.

Always looking for an adventure, I'm willing to come to you for work and create some beautiful and inspiring fashion imagery.  So if you like what you've read so far and want to find out more then just click the button below and get in touch !



Black and white portrait photograph of international fashion and beauty photographer Geoff Nicholsphotographer