The Art of Fashion Photography

Look at any artistic masterpiece and there are always a number of elements which are combined seemlessly to create the whole image. It's not just about the artist and their paintbrush but numerous factors which contributed to affect the finished piece. From the consistency of the paint, the subject and the light, to the experience of the painter, their influences through life and those who helped them get to the stage of producing a piece of art.

A photographer is no different.  Except instead of paints and brushes we use a whole variety of tools to shape our work. Just like an artist, any photographer's main tool is being able to utilise light effectively as well as having a technical knowledge of photography and how to achieve certain looks to create the final image. On top of all this comes the ability to visualise that final image in your mind and then work to creating it effectively.

Fashion and editorial photography is one genre which draws on a huge number of influences.  From the photographer's own experiences that have shaped their lifes journey, to music, art, popular culture, movies, as well as fashion trends and cultural traditions, these are what shape and mould a photographer's style and their ability to express themselves through their work.

My photography journey has been amazing so far.  From producing a series of portrait images of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales during my time with the British Army to shooting street style images of internationally acclaimed fashion model Amber Le Bon at London Fashion Week, I feel the same passion everytime I pick my camera up regardless of who I am photographing.  The ability to start with a concept and with a creative team, work through to the end and produce a finished set of images is as exciting now as it was when I picked up a camera at the age of 12.


Being a London based photographer I am provided with endless opportunities for locations to shoot at and themes and ideas to create and develop.  London also has some of the most talented makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists in the world. My own style of photography takes influences from retro periods and fuses them with modern fashion looks.

If this wasn't enough, London claims one of the top places when it comes to fashion designers. Famous names like Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Ozwald Boateng, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham to name but a few have all helped put London very firmly on the fashion industry map. I count myself extremely lucky to work in a city that has so much talent and benefits from such a diverse range of cultures which continue to influence the business of fashion photography.

My journey in photography is far from over. My passion to create has grown and gives me the drive to continually develop new ideas and concepts. Why not join me on part of that journey?

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